Head Lice are Immune to Pesticides

As most parents who have dealt with head lice can tell you, head lice have become immune to the common over-the-counter pesticide-based treatments.

And unfortunately, prescription strength head lice treatments use the same basic pesticides, just in a little bit stronger dosage. So the lice are also immune to that!

There was a study done in Great Britain recently where physicians treated 3,000 school children with the pesticide-based treatments. The results? In 80% of the cases, the treatments were completely ineffective!

We highly recommend that you use an essential oil and enzyme treatment process. These products have been used for centuries. And because of the way they kill the lice, it is impossible for the creatures to develop an immunity to these kinds of treatments.

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2 thoughts on “Head Lice are Immune to Pesticides”

  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know about an article I found that completely supports what you’re saying.

    In fact, there was even a lawsuit about it saying that the pesticide products didn’t work and all that.

    Here’s a quotation from the article–

    “Not just any lawsuit, but a class action. An amalgamation of all Californians forced to combat the sesame-seed sized insects by purchasing within the past four years any of four over-the-counter lice-lynching remedies: NIX, RID, CLEAR and A-200.

    The problem, according to the suit filed by attorney Kevin Holl in San Francisco Superior Court, is that these products don’t work. ”

    Like i said, you’re totally right. You can find the whole article if you want at:

    Hope this helps someone,


  2. hello

    there’s another article you might be interested in that said:

    “The most common treatments for head lice use permethrin. But recent studies have shown that resistance to this chemical is as high as 50% in some Los Angeles schools. Among one group of migrant workers living in Florida resistance was 98%.”

    here’s where i found it

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