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Nits are easy to remove…IF you know the secret!

Believe it or not, those stubborn nits are actually easy to remove-if you have the right product.

Nits are the tiny egg sacks that head lice attach to human hairs. They are attached by an extremely strong protein glue. (If someone figured out how to make a synthetic version of that glue, they’d be rich!)

Fortunately, there is a substance that is specifically designed to dissolve nit glue: a special mix of enzymes called Nit Glue Dissolver which is part of the LiceKiller kits.

There are literally thousands of different enzymes and when you start mixing and combining them the possibilities are endless. LiceKiller’s Nit Glue Dissolver is a specific mix of four different enzymes that are designed to digest the nit glue.

They also soften the exoskeletons of the head lice so the product also aids in killing head lice.

So once you know the secret (LiceKiller’s Nit Glue Dissolver) removing nits is easy!