Nits are easy to remove…IF you know the secret!

Believe it or not, those stubborn nits are actually easy to remove-if you have the right product.

Nits are the tiny egg sacks that head lice attach to human hairs. They are attached by an extremely strong protein glue. (If someone figured out how to make a synthetic version of that glue, they’d be rich!)

Fortunately, there is a substance that is specifically designed to dissolve nit glue: a special mix of enzymes called Nit Glue Dissolver which is part of the LiceKiller kits.

There are literally thousands of different enzymes and when you start mixing and combining them the possibilities are endless. LiceKiller’s Nit Glue Dissolver is a specific mix of four different enzymes that are designed to digest the nit glue.

They also soften the exoskeletons of the head lice so the product also aids in killing head lice.

So once you know the secret (LiceKiller’s Nit Glue Dissolver) removing nits is easy!

Head Lice Epidemic

There’s a head lice epidemic. It seems we’re under attack! You’d think in this day of modern medicine we’d have a handle on the problem but the number of head lice cases is growing each year rather than shrinking.

We think the reason why is because of the embarrassment people feel when they get head lice in the family. People are afraid to tell ANYONE they have head lice in the home-not even relatives who frequently visit!

When no one talks about it, the problem spreads.

Anyone can get head lice. It has nothing to do with personal hygiene habits or the cleanliness of the home. In fact, head lice prefer clean hair!

Getting head lice is just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad luck, pure and simple.

So talk about it with the people in your circle of friends and family. Chances are extremely high that if you have lice in your household, someone else you know does too!

Use and recommend LiceKiller and you’ll all be done with the problem sooner rather than continuing to infest each other like you’re doing now.

Good luck!

Head Lice are Immune to Pesticides

As most parents who have dealt with head lice can tell you, head lice have become immune to the common over-the-counter pesticide-based treatments.

And unfortunately, prescription strength head lice treatments use the same basic pesticides, just in a little bit stronger dosage. So the lice are also immune to that!

There was a study done in Great Britain recently where physicians treated 3,000 school children with the pesticide-based treatments. The results? In 80% of the cases, the treatments were completely ineffective!

We highly recommend that you use an essential oil and enzyme treatment process. These products have been used for centuries. And because of the way they kill the lice, it is impossible for the creatures to develop an immunity to these kinds of treatments.

The product line with the highest concentration and purest quality ingredients is LiceKiller. This product gets our highest recommendation.

Best Head Lice Treatment? LiceKiller!

LiceKiller is probably the most expensive head lice treatment on the market, but there’s a reason for that: it’s also the best.

Their ingredients list is unmatched. All-natural, high quality, proven-effective essential oils and enzymes make LiceKiller the best head lice treatment on the market.

LiceKiller is manufactured in the United States by a small family-owned company called Access Nutraceuticals. The founders of the company have their roots in organic farming. Thus the expertise in killing insects while remaining completely safe for humans.

The small group of customer service employees are extremely dedicated to their jobs and will spend whatever time is necessary on the phone to help customers through the horrific problem of removing head lice and nits.